Jshop biz cc – Jshop invite code 2023

Yo guys benumb is going down and theres a good cc shop that sells fresh credit cards with daily updates, its called jshop cc shop.


jshop updates there site with thousands of fresh credit cards for carders.They have database with over 50 countries,this means you can buy credit cards from over 50 countries of your choice including united states credit cards as well.

Good thing i like about jshop is credit card refund,if you buy a bad credit card from jshop you can request for a refund and you would get it.

Jshop is also a good site for buying SSN and date of birth,the shop sells good fullz, such as SSN, date of birth, Full name,and zip code.

link to jshop

image for jshop

and now if you look at the top of the image you would see the user was trying to register and he was prompted to provide an invite code. just like genesis market

You can hit me up on telegram for the invite code price to jshop

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