23rd September 2023, Saturday

Updated list of NON VBV BINS for 2023 and how to find them

non vbv bins

Carding novices regularly inquire for a list of BINS that do not require VBV. Today, we will finally reveal that list, in addition to providing a method for bypassing the OTP.

Credit card fraud, also known as carding, has developed new methods over time in order to stay current with increasing standards of security.

Additional protocols have been implemented by the payment industry to boost the level of protection afforded to credit and debit cards whenever they are used online.

When it comes to verifying the card owner for online purchases, some of the more common methods include sending a one-time password (OTP) via email or sending a text message to the phone number that is on file.

Regrettably, not all cards have this level of protection, and card fraudsters can thrive because of this gap in the market. Cards that do not have a VBV or MSC symbol on them are referred to as “non-VBV bins” or “non-MSC” cards.

If we look at the trend of credit card fraud in the modern era, we can see that it is increasing on a daily basis, and that new methods are being developed to hack into credit card information and use it for unethical purposes.

As more and more transactions are conducted electronically, everyone will need to carry and use a credit card. Because of this, it is important for people to be aware of how carding fraud is committed and learn how to protect themselves from falling victim to it.

On the internet, credit card information can be obtained in a variety of ways, including through sites on the dark web and through sites on the onion routing network (TOR) (Data Leak .etc.).

My objective is to raise awareness among people about carding’s security risks by explaining what it is, how it’s done, and so on.

Remember that you should never communicate with a ripper under any circumstances. A person who commits fraud by taking money but not providing the promised good or service is known as a Ripper.


The first four to six numbers that appear on a payment card are referred to collectively as the bank identification number (BIN). This group of numbers identifies the bank or other financial organization that is responsible for issuing the card. As a result, it is able to match transactions to the entity that issued the card that was used. BINs are encoded on a variety of payment cards, including debit cards, credit cards, and charge cards, among others.
In addition to assisting financial institutions in identifying potentially fraudulent or stolen payment cards, the BIN system has the potential to aid in the prevention of identity theft of cvv dumps.


A credit card that is not validated by Visa is referred to as a non-VBV cc. This type of credit card does not require an OTP or password in order to complete a transaction. As a direct consequence of this, its level of safety is not the highest possible.

Because of this, carding with these cards is incredibly straightforward, which is why the vast majority of professional carders restrict themselves to carding with non-VBV credit cards.

It is difficult to obtain non VBV bins credit cards in this day and age because all credit cards come equipped with the most recent 3D security, which prohibits conducting any online transaction without appropriate verification.

Additionally, in order for you to make use of VBV, the retailer you are making a purchase from as well as the Visa credit card you are using must both be registered for VBV. Get in touch with the company that issued your Visa if you want to find out if they are a participant.

You can quickly and easily activate any of your Visa credit cards online without having to get a new Visa card because you don’t need to get a new Visa card in order to do so. If you go to a store that uses VBV, the cashier may ask you to sign up for their loyalty program before you make a purchase.


BINProviderIssuerTypeSubtypeIssuing Country
430023VISAWorld’s Foremost BankCreditClassicUSA
438948VISACommerce BancsharesCreditPlatinumUSA
488893VISAFia Card ServicesCreditPlatinumUSA
426429VISABank of AmericaCreditPlatinumUSA
480012VISAFia Card ServicesCreditGold PremiumUSA
486236VISACapital One BankCreditPlatinumUSA
441297VISAFirst National Bank of OmahaCreditPlatinumUSA
401398VISAU.S. Bank National AssociationCreditPlatinumUSA
431307VISAFia Card Services.CreditSignatureUSA
426428VISAFia Card ServicesCreditPlatinumUSA
416621VISAWorld Financial NetworkCreditClassicUSA